Soliseco reinvents solar hot water

Hybridize your hot water production with an efficient and intelligent solution

An innovative, patented solution

Soliseco is a control box that recovers surplus photovoltaic energy to produce domestic hot water.

Soliseco acts as a thermal battery that stores photovoltaic energy in thermal form.

Whether you use a water heater, a boiler with or without hot water storage, we have the right answer for you.

Our solutions

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Our objective

is to make a significant contribution to the collective effort to reduce CO2 emissions.

We need to reduce our emissions by 55% by 2030. Many owners of solar installations want to contribute to this collective effort, but they often wonder how they can do so without reinventing the wheel. Soliseco helps them by offering a simple and effective solution.

We believe in modifying and improving existing systems rather than replacing them completely.

Soliseco stands out by allowing the production of solar hot water that intelligently utilizes surplus photovoltaic production, thus reinforcing self-consumption.

The strengths of Soliseco are numerous, starting with its ease of installation and great flexibility. Our ability to hybridize hot water production with any existing system makes us an ideal partner for those looking to participate in the energy transition. Join us in our commitment to a cleaner, easier, and more sustainable future!

Produce your solar hot water

Produce 60 to 80% of your hot water thanks to the sun, without any loss of comfort, throughout the year

Reduce dropout issues in your photovoltaic installation

Increase your photovoltaic production and reduce disconnection of your inverter.

Our solutions

Soliseco in detail

Reduce your energy bill.

Benefit from a return on investment ranging from 2 to 5 years, depending on your habits

Save energy

Reduce your fossil energy consumption by 15 to 20% and save between 450kg and 800kg of CO2 per year

Your photovoltaic installation

 +The Soliseco unit

=A cost-effective and sustainable solution


Consume better for yourself

Maximize the use of your photovoltaic energy